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Here are a few of the solutions currently helping organisations achieve their goals:

  • RS Visas
    Full service visa application for people and families departing South Africa for holiday or business

  • Chadmin
    a comprehensive web application assisting community-focused organisations to connect effectively with their people

  • NPO Manager
    a financial and CRM system for NPO's

  • Rental Management
    an application for companies to manage rental properties efficiently

RS Visas

We provide different levels of support for your visa application according to your needs and budget.
This could be full-service support where your only concern is signing the papers as needed, or
as little as some advice on what is needed.

Please contact us for more information and for quotes: email: visas @

To make a payment, please convert to Euro (see ), enter the Reference and click on the links below.



What it is

Chadmin is a tool to help community-focused organisations connect with their members more efficiently.

It is a central resource that is accessible from anywhere, that provides the relevant information to the people who need it - when they need it.

Capturing information is quick and intuitive with an easy interface that works from any web browser.
Users are assigned roles which allows access to only the information that that user needs to see.

Go to the Chadmin website for more information, or see the Forum.
Also, see the the demo site. (log in with u/p: admin | admin OR pastor | pastor)

NPO Manager

This system was built to manage the different aspects of running an NPO - specifically an animal wellfare organisation.

Functionality includes:

  • member management
  • contribution tracking
  • financial reporting
  • generation of letters for printing
  • member correspondence history

Rental Management

Built to assist a rental management organisation manage their data more efficiently from a cental data store for all users.

Functionality includes the management of:

  • properties
  • maintenance of properties
  • maintenance contractors
  • tenants
  • tenant contracts & renewals
  • landlords
  • body corporates
  • rental agents
  • agent commission
  • finances (rental income; fees; payments; expenses; statements; etc)

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